Embassy Dublin - Colombia

  Embassy Dublin - Colombia

Colombian Embassy in Dublin

Dublin - Ireland

Embassy Dublin - Colombia



Dublin, the capital of Ireland, is the largest economical centre in the country. Due to the fact that Ireland has a lot of tax treaties with other countries in the world and its low tax climate, Dublin has become a favourable city for Eurpean headquarters of big international companies especially in the information technology, internet and manufacturing sectors. The national parlement of Ireland is also situated in the city.

Embassies in Dublin - Due to the cities economical and trade importance a lot of sovereign countries have established a diplomatic presence in Dublin in the form of an Embassy or a Consulate. Next to economical importance, embassies in Dublin also provide diplomatic access to private citizens and holiday makers in Dublin. Embassy-Dublin.com has made this directory to be able to easily find contact data for all foreign embassies located in Dublin.

Dublin Embassy services - The foreign embassies in Dublin are accessible through their consular departments and international trade desks. Consular departments are mainly focussed on servicing private persons and can assist with a wide range of consular services such as passport, visa, document certification and the likes. International trade desks at Dublin embassies are mainly focussed on servicing local and international companies with organizing trade missions, business contacts and more.

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Embassy Dublin - Colombia  Embassy Dublin - Colombia  Embassy Dublin - Colombia  Embassy Dublin - Colombia

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Embassy of Colombia in Dublin

Embassy Colombia in Dublin